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Private Forró Classes in NYC


Forró is an amazing way to socialize and make new friends!


Forró is a very dinamyc music and rhythm, 

even en if you have never danced it before, you can still have fun while learning.

If You already know about it and enjoy the Brazilian culture, join us whenever there is an event and help us to spread this beautiful music and rhythm in New York City. Also, if you would like to learn how to dance forró and want to take private classes, send an e-mail and get to know more about it. 

Come, dance forró in New York City, you won't regret it! 


Guest list for next Forró Copacaba, August 6 at at 8pm to pay only 10 dollars after 9pm.

Or send a message on Instagram:

Forró in New York, Forró Copacabana, August 6 at 8PM